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  • That was easy. Got my order the next day. I tried Napa, I paid half the price on

    this site.
    By williamsgeo456
  • With all the advertisements everywhere, my father and I decided to try Elizabeth Farms for my Christmas tree this year. Now, it was a Monday and the weather wasn't the greatest, so that's what we chalked it up as when we got there and there wasn't a person in sight. We had made sure to check upon entering if there were any hours or a closed sign and there were none.

    Before walking up to the house on the property, I found a priced and cut tree that I liked. The owner's daughter was the one that answered the door and when she said the place was closed (she said there was a small sign we should have seen- there was no sign anywhere!) I told her I had a tree I liked and could she just take the $40, no work on her part, and we could just take the tree. She reiterated that they were closed and she didn't think it would be ok but she would call her parents and check, but "no promises". She came back out and said no, because they were closed, they would not accept any payments or transactions.

    Now, I understand this if there's a bunch of other customers around and if you make an exception for one person, you'd have to me an exception for the rest. Or I could understand if there was some work required on her part other than opening up her hand and taking the cash. But there wasn't! Her demeanor was a little off-putting to start with and frankly, it's just terrible customer service, especially for this Holiday Season!

    Upon telling everyone on Facebook about my experience, I received quite a few responses about my friends not liking Elizabeth Farms, either, because of their own experiences or hearing about similar experiences.

    I was able to get a nice tree at a local Lititz establishment for 8$ cheaper and the customer service was great.
    By Jennifer T.
  • I've been coming here since I was 10 yrs old, I'm 25 now.
    They have the biggest pizza i've ever seen in my life....the UNCLE SAM. We used to get 2 uncle sam combos after our little league games and trust me win or loss, doesnt matter after that. The slices are huge as well but nothing can beat an Uncle Sam half Hawaiian half Combo to feed the family for dinner (we got a big family). I will go to this place till I die. Enough said.
    By SharkyD

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